Teardrop Spey Tube Fly by John Nagy

The Teardrop Spey Tube Fly can be tied in a number of hot color combinations
Simple and quick to tie, the Teardrop Spey Tube Fly mimics a classic spey fly pattern by incorporating select marabou with its characteristic long/thin barbules and long flowing Lady Amherst feathers into its design

The Teardrop Spey Tube Fly uses the Eumer Tear Drop brass “hybrid” bottle tube (Ball and Nubby brass tubes can be substituted/see below) and Eumer inner plastic tube “liner” which allows the fly to be tied in front of the metal bottle tube (and finish with a small tying head). The Teardrop Spey Tube Fly works well on the swing not only for steelhead, but also for smallies, brown trout and salmon.

The Teardrop Spey Tube Fly
Tube: Brass Eumer Teardrop (22 x 4 mm/metallic silver finish) and Eumer stiff plastic tube liner (.07 inch outside diameter/1.5 inches long) which comes with the Eumer Teardrop. The rear of liner tubing is melted slightly to hold snugly up against rear of the Teardrop tube. Liner tubing extending in front of Teardrop tube is then used to tie fly on.

The tapered design of the Teardrop tube puts the center of gravity toward the front of the fly (under the base of the Spey Hackle) which balances the fly and keeps it “swimming” level on the swing. This is problematic with straight metal tubing which can experience unnatural rear “hang-down” on the swing.

Canadian Tube Fly Company Nubby Tube or Eumer Ball Tube can be substituted for the Eumer Teardrop Tube (body is wrapped over the front “ball” component of these tubes).

Thread: White Bennechi, 12/0 or Uni-Thread, 8/0

Body: Wapsi Pearl Palmer Chenille (medium size) wrapped to approximately 1/4 inches in length to support spey hackle.

Inner Hackle: Natural Guinea Feather hackled through body also to support spey hackle.

Spey Hackle: (Inner to Outer) Spirit River UV2 or Hareline Extra Select White Marabou (3 inches long) folded back and wrapped, Silver Krystal Flash (4 inches long), Silver Doctor Blue Lady Amherst Tail Fibers (5 inches long).

Head: Threaded and lacquered head (1/8 inches long)

Front Cone (optional): Pro Sportfisher Brass Pro ConeDisc (medium) or Pro Sportfisher Plastic Pro SoftSonic Disc (xl). Note: Pro SoftSonic Disc can either be mounted permanently on tube or “line-mounted” on the river. Using Brass Pro ConeDisc provides additional weighting to fly (for higher/deeper flows).

Junction Tubing: Canadian Tube Fly Company solid fuschia Flex Tubing (9/16 inch long) slid over rear of Teardrop tube.

Hook: Partridge Nordic Single tube fly hook, #MM3STBN, size #8, connected to rear of Eumer Teardrop Tube via junction tubing (hook eye is inserted into junction tubing). By making the junction tubing connection longer you can locate hook further back for “short-strikers”.

Comments: The finished fly measures approximately 4 1/8 inches long and can be tied in smaller versions for low water steelhead and inland trout. For higher/stained flows use thicker/denser marabou spey plumes. The Teardrop Spey Tube Fly can be tied in an endless number of color combinations. Some hot color variations include (junction tubing/tube/guinea feather/marabou/Krystal Flash/Lady Amherst tail fibers):

-transparent red junction tubing/metallic gold tube/pearl chenille/natural guinea/silver doctor blue marabou/pearlescent Krystal Flash/orange Lady Amherst
-transparent orange junction tubing/metallic gold tube/pearl chenille/natural guinea/hot chartreuse marabou/pearlescent Krystal Flash/orange Lady Amherst
-transparent blue junction tubing/metallic gold tube/pearl chenille/natural guinea/hot orange marabou/pearlescent Krystal Flash/blue Lady Amherst

More detailed information on tube flies for Great Lakes Steelhead can also be found in John Nagy’s book “Steelhead Guide, Fly Fishing Techniques and Strategies for Lake Erie Steelhead”.