John Nagy Custom "Hot Butt" Leader and Indy Kit

This 10 foot, hand tied (by John Nagy), knotted leader is ideal for high-stick nymphing whether bottom-bouncing or using the "right-angle-floating-indicator technique". The design of this leader is identical to the leader formula found in John Nagy's Steelhead Guide book.

Features of John Nagy "Hot Butt" Leader and Indy Kit:

-The "hot butt" section of the leader is constructed of fluorescent orange Sunset Amnesia which acts as a strike indicator when high-stick nymphing.

-The leader's mid-section is made of a hard nylon material (Maxima Chamelon) which is ideal for turning over weighted flies, split-shot and floating indicators.

-The tippet section of the leader consists of 36 inches of 3X Orvis Super Strong Plus. Super Strong Plus is very strong versus diameter (the strongest nylon on the market) and also very limp (yet abrasion resistant) making it ideal for delicate, drag-free drifts.

-The suppleness of the Super Strong Plus tippet section is critical in the "right-angle-floating-indicator-technique" (RAFIT).  It easily allows for a "right angle" to be formed at the point where the floating indicator is placed on the leader. Note: It is recommended to keep the tippet section knotless to allow for easy adjustment of floating indicator. Also, tippet section may need to be modified for deeper flows (longer) and clearer flows (lighter tippet diameter).

-Leader comes with an assortment of floating indicators (6) in various sizes for varying water conditions (low and clear to high and stained flows and everything in between). Remember it is crucial that you "suspend" the fly in the RAFIT (just above the stream bottom) during the drag-free drift. So you need substantial floating indicators (with the emphasis on floating) to achieve this.

-Works great also for stream trout nymphing.

For more details/discussion on Great Lakes steelhead leaders go to John Nagy's article on "Leaders for Steelhead" in the right menu bar.

The John Nagy Hot Butt Leader and Indy Kit retails for $29.95 + $4.00 s/h + $2.38 PA state sales tax (7%) if applicable.

If your interested in purchasing the John Nagy Hot Butt Leader and Indy Kit please pay Paypal account steelheadguide1@hotmail.com or mail check to:

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Contact John Nagy at (412) 531-5819 or steelheadguide2021@yahoo.com for information/questions on ordering the Hot Butt Leader and Indy Kit.