John Nagy Custom Lake Erie Steelhead Flies

Hen steelhead and a good selection of "steelhead alley" egg patterns and nymphs

John Nagy offers an assortment of 1 dozen "hot" Lake Erie steelhead egg patterns and bead head nymphs for $29.95 + $4 s/h + $2.38 Pa. state sales tax (7%) if applicable. 

John Nagy also offers custom fly orders of Lake Erie egg patterns, nymphs, wooly buggers and streamers for $3.50/fly + $4.00 s/h + Pa. state sales tax (7%) if applicable. See book ordering page for more information on making payments by check or Paypal.

Please contact John Nagy at steelheadguide2021@yahoo.com or (412) 531-5819 for more details on his custom steelhead flies including custom fly orders and his signature steelhead tube flies.