McLean Angling Nets from New Zealand

The McLean Weigh Net features a hinged/telescopic handle with built in scale.

The McLean Angling Weigh Net is a great net design to use on the Lake Erie triubutaries. The combination of strength and lightness from the thick wall aluminum tubing, large hoop design (21 x 17 inches), built in 14 lb. scale (contained in the watertight handle) and hinged/telescopic handle make it unbeatable for landing large fish like Great Lakes steelhead

The McLean M130 comes with a large Micro Mesh net bag (17 inch depth) which minimizes harm to fish. The McLean 130 model comes with a standard net bag in soft woven knotless nylon (27 inch depth). The Mclean R130 comes with a rubberized net bag which is both easy on fish and hooks. The compact hinged design of the McLean M130, 130 and R130 nets allow for out of the way attachment to the back of the fishing vest with a net release like the Mclean magnetic net release or the mechanical release manufactured by Rose Creek Anglers.

The Rose Creek Net Release has a quick-release snap made of a high-impact polymer which provides the ideal tension for keeping the net secure when not in use (it also comes with an elastic cord for those who prefer added security). The net release leather straps are not only classy looking but also keep the net bag from swinging. Throw in some brass fittings and you have a dynamite design! The Rose Creek net release is available directly from Rose Creek Anglers (Rose Creek Anglers)

The retail price of the M130 net design with Micro Mesh bag is $128.95, the 130 model with a soft woven knotless net bag is $123.95 and the R130 model with rubberized net bag is $131.95. The Mclean magnetic net release and leash are $37.95 and $21.95 respectively. UPS ground shipping for a net, release and leash is usually around $25.00. Pennsylvania residents please add an additional 7 % Pennsylvania state sales tax.
>If your interested in purchasing the McLean Weigh Net, please use Paypal ordering (see book ordering information page) or mail check directly to:

Great Lakes Publishing
606 Crysler Street,
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15226.

Contact John Nagy at (412) 531-5819 or steelheadguide2021@yahoo.com for information/questions on ordering the McLean Weigh Net or any other McLean Angling Net designs.>

The complete line-up of McLean Angling Net models are also available as well as replacement net bags. See McLean Angling of New Zealand www.mcleanangling.co.nz/ for information on all McLean products.