John Nagy's New Book the "Steelheader's Journal" is now Available!

Painting by Les Troyer (titled “Steelhead Catch-and-Release”) from the “Steelheader’s Journal”<

John Nagy’s the “Steelheader’s Journal” is designed to help steelheaders in the "steelhead alley" region of Lake Erie, as well as throughout the Great Lakes, efficiently record information related to his or her tributary steelhead fly fishing trips
<This careful observation of details, as well as experiences, will not only make a better steelheader but also make steelhead fishing on the Great Lakes tributaries a much more satisfying and fulfilling experience

A two page log/journal entry form (a total of 171 entry forms) allows steelheaders to log detailed information in over 25 categories (including various sub-categories) for each steelhead tributary fished that day. Some of these categories include weather, water temperature and flow, catches, technique, tackle, flies, rigging and access points. The “journal” section on the entry form allows steelheaders to write personal experiences and recollections for the day.>The Steelheader’s Journal (7x10 inches/192 pages/hard back) also has sections on the “do’s and don’ts of steelhead fishing, knot diagrams, a gear “pre-trip” checklist and a steelhead “profile”, as well as ample room for favorite steelhead contacts and misc. notes.>

The “old school” feel of the Steelheader’s Journal invites the steelheader to slow down and reflect carefully and thoughtfully on the days fishing. It is leather bound with low-sheen, natural paper and sepia ink (including a silk ribbon page marker and sewn binding for durability). It is also illustrated nicely by steelheader and artist Les Troyer including two color painting’s titled “Steelhead Catch-and-Release” and “In the Right Spot”.

John Nagy's Steelheader's Journal makes a great companion book to his classic Steelhead Guide

Reviews of the "Steelheader’s Journal"

“John Nagy’s new book the Steelheaders Journal is a beautifully organized and helpful publication which all Great Lakes steelheaders will enjoy and learn from. The quality of the lay out, artwork and John’s carefully worded advice has a “coffee table” look which has to be seen to be appreciated. Some sections are set aside for data entry and recording of data on each fish taken including a diary of special moments which this kind of publication preserves forever”.
>“There are also helpful tips on equipment, knots and pre-trip organization, all of which keep the angler focused, informed and connected to the rivers and streams of the Great Lakes steelhead. The quality and artwork alone more than justify the price , and it may be difficult for the angler to decide just where to keep this book-on the living room coffee table or inside his duffel bag, ready for the next trip.”

Lani Waller (Steelhead legend, guide/lodge owner, author and creator of the classic 3M/Scientific Anglers video series on fly fishing for steelhead. He also wrote the classics “River of Dreams” and “A Steelheader’s Way”).
;“John Nagy is a master of his steelhead alley waters in every way! With his new Steelheaders’s Journal, with magnificant illustrations by Les Troyer, you delve into a world of old fashioned diary keeping. Including sections on the do’s and dont’s of steelhead fishing, a gear pre-trip checklist and knot diagrams, with the Steelheader’s Journal, the steelhead bum will always have a mantra to fall back on!”

<Matt Supinski (Great Lakes steelhead guide/lodge owner, writer and photographer/Muskegon,MI. The 10 year anniversary edition of Matt’s “Steelhead Dreams: The Theory, Method, Science and Madness of Great Lakes Steelhead Fly Fishing” is due to be released in the winter of 2011).
“John Nagy’s Steelheader’s Journal is a great vehicle for cataloging your Great Lakes steelhead fishing trips. It provides a comprehensive way to record important details when planning future outings or when learning new techniques (which can be a key element to success). The journal also allows one to document the mood of the day and highlights of the experience from the eyes of the angler-personal thoughts that can be reflected upon at another time. Les Troyer’s illustrations and some well selected quotes complete its classic look and appeal.”

<Rick Kustich (Fly fishing author and photographer/Williamsville, NY. His upcoming new book is called “Advanced Fly Fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead” and will be released in February of 2013. In addition to great writing and photography, Rick's book will feature 6 of John Nagy's Great Lakes tube fly patterns).
“Every Great Lakes Steelheader should own a copy of John Nagy’s Steelheader’s Journal. It not only provides the angler a means to record valuable information and fishing memories but also has plenty of vital steelhead fishing tips. The journals format and artwork are superb.”

<Joe Morgan (Veteran Great Lakes steelhead fly fisherman/Hamburg, NY).>

“John Nagy is a master of Great Lakes steelhead fly fishing as well as a fine writer and photographer. If you fish for these sometimes difficult fish, purchase his new book the Steelheader’s Journal along with his Steelhead Guide, Fly Fishing Techniques and Strategies for Lake Erie Steelhead; they are a perfect marriage.”

<Joe Ciavaglia (Steelheading enthusiast/ Jim Thorpe, PA).<

"John Nagy's Steelheader's Journal will help you build a foundation of knowledge that will enhance your fishing experience, and also improve your chances of success when chasing steelhead in the tributaries of the Great Lakes. By using the journal to document your fishing experiences, you are laying the ground work for future success."
Jack Hanrahan (Erie Times-News photographer and frequent contributor to Fly Fisherman Magazine and Eastern Fly Fishing)

The Steelheader’s Journal makes a great companion book to John Nagy’s popular "Steelhead Guide, Fly Fishing Techniques and Strategies for Lake Erie Steelhead" (updated and expanded 4th edition). The Steelhead Guide covers in detail how the techniques, equipment, flies, steelhead behavior, stream conditions and weather all combine to produce a successful Lake Erie steelhead trip. It has also proven to be very valuable to steelheaders in the rest of the Great Lakes region as well.<

John Nagy's Steelheader's Journal
 is now available!


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